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The following question was posted to the Guiding list hosted by SKL.com:
"Could someone please explain what a 'proper Girl Guide sit upon is'? I've heard various ideas but I was wondering what is deemed proper."

The following anecdote was posted among the answers:
"A sit upon is just a waterproof, slightly cushioned article, that is used to sit on when doing outdoor activities. It's best to make one that's really light to carry and that will fit into a backpack. It can be anything from a few pages of newspaper inserted into a plastic grocery bag, then tapped up with masking tape, or as elaborate as weaving grocery bags together and tied at the ends (this one is on The GuideZone). A simple one my Sparks made was inserting wallpaper samples into a giant ziplock bag (not the large one, as it's too small). Extremely lightweight for Sparks to carry. I got greedy one year, and wanted a real comfy one, so I actually inserted a small cushion into a grocery bag, BUT as I sat on it ... it ended  up being a huge whoopy cushion. The Brownies laughed until their stomachs hurt. Never again, now I use weaved one."

Contributed by:
Diana Del-Giudice
Spark Guider, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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