Encourage each girl to reach her full individual potential

I wasn't able to be a scout as a girl, so when our church, in southwest Florida, started Girl Scout troops, I decided that this was my chance.  I got a troop together, and held our first meeting.  I asked all the girls to tell me what they wanted to do as a troop.  I got the regular responses, camp, make things, etc.  I was really stumped for a response, when one of the cute little 2nd graders said that she wanted to go ice skating and mountain climbing!

Barbara Courts
Cadette Girl Scout Leader, Hornets' Nest Council, North Carolina, USA

At one of our Enrollment ceremonies, one of my Guides stumped me for a response. When I asked her if she was ready to make her Guide Promise, she quietly said, "No, I 'm not". I was stumped at her response. She then said quietly, "I'm not sure I can do my best". I had no idea what to say at that very moment, except that I explained to her that only 'Her Best' is what we expected. Being a Girl Guide is all about 'Doing Your Best', the best you can. She then responded, "I can do that".
Darlene Tait
Guide Guider, District Commissioner, West District Fundy Division, Canada

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