Quick Giggles ...

When I was a Junior Girl Scout we had a cake baking contest.  In the process of frosting my cake I ended up putting my fist halfway through the cake.  I ended up with one side that was beautiful and the other side was all crumbs.  We still took it to the competition and I ended up winning third prize.  Yes, there was more than three cakes in running.

Karen Billings
Brownie Leader & Consultant, Buffalo & Erie County, USA

My Embarrassing Moment.

A few years ago, I had arranged a ceremony for Promise Rededication. I invited all ex-Guiders from around the town and our local Life member, Shela.
After the ceremonies we had cake and coffee. Shela drinks tea so I asked one of the Guides to make her a cup. The Guide busied herself in the kitchen and then handed Shela a cup of tea.  Shela took a sip and exclaimed, “this tea is stone cold!!!! Guide how did you make it?” The Guide replied, “I didn't know the water had to be hot!” Shela took the Guide in to the kitchen and showed her how to make a cup of tea, while I watched on thinking, "I wish I wasn't here!"

Marian Beswick-Arthur

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