Spark Giggles

Our Spark camp theme was Wizard of Oz.  I glued red glitter all over a pair of old red shoes, stuffed some old socks with newspaper and placed them against the wall of the Lodge.  It really looked great!  Just like the house had fallen on the wicked witch of the West!

The Sparks were really excited and they all brought me outside to show me.  A few girls seemed a little concerned and I reminded them that this was just pretend.  They asked how I had done it.  I explained how it was stuffed socks inside the shoes.  The Spark said  "No ... How did you lift the house to get the witch under there??"

Debbie Palecek
Central District Commissioner, Mission Division, Lougheed Area, Province of B.C., Canada

Our first Sparks meeting of the year went very well, a few games, songs, stories, etc.  Parents began to arrive for pick up, so we did our closing and I said "See you all next week!".  "Wait - this isn't Sparks!" yelled one girl, who promptly burst into tears.  I knelt down and tried to talk to her, telling her that this was Sparks, and she would have lots of fun with us.  "But we didn't sell cookies!" she wailed.  Needless to say, she was a very diligent & willing cookie girl when Minty Cookies came out in November!

Kendra Preston-Brooks
formerly 89th Nepean Sparks, now 127th Nepean Brownies, Canada

I am a Brown Owl in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  I have four children: one Guide, one Cub, one Beaver and one Spark want-a-be.  I love to sing and I sing around the house constantly.  As a leader I am frequently asked if I will visit different units to teach them new songs.  One night I was booked to visit a Spark unit to help them with the Sing Ontario Sing Challenge.  Thinking my youngest daughter Jessie would enjoy visiting a Spark unit, I asked her if she would like to come along.  Before the big night I practiced the songs for the Challenge over and over again around the house.  Jessie was very excited and when the big night came she was thrilled.  We went, we sang for an hour and we left.  After we got home I asked Jess if she had had fun and she replied, "Mommy I don't want to be a Spark, all they do is sing".

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