Greek Display

Each patrol of girls cut out pictures from National Geographic magazines on Greece and made a stand up display of some aspect of Greece. One had a map showing its mountains, another showed folk costumes (the Hellenic Society I think it is called has a web site with links to a lot of Greek folk culture), and they learned a few words in Greek.

Contributed by:
Debbie Radstrom
Junior/Cadette/Senior Troop Leader, Sandpiper Neighborhood Troop Consultant
Suncoast Council, Florida, USA

Ask the parents for help on Greek items. It will be a Greek museum on your tabletop. Anybody you know own a balalaika? native Greek costumes? Do you have a Greek Orthodox church in your community? Contact them and ask for constructive suggestions in making your presentation. How about the classics dept. at the university? Thrift shops are great for locating old National Geographics with a Greek map. Perhaps a Greek cloth can cover the table, too.

Don't forget the empty bottle of ouzo, and of course a basket overflowing with grapes. (A nice snack for folks passing by, too.)

Also, clearly display the Greek alphabet (alpha, beta, gamma, etc.). Perhaps make a poster of mathematical equations?????

Mention the Greek philosophers... Aristotle, Plato, etc.

Maybe a travel agent can give you pictures of places or cities, or try the public library.

Contributed by:
Peggy Ravitch
Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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