Action Story - History of Canadian Guiding and Thinking Day
Contributed by Wendy Baker, Ontario, Canada

Group is divided into 9 groups and given the following to do and say when their word is spoken:
LORD BADEN POWELL "Rule Britannia" and Salute
LADY BADEN POWELL "Be Prepared" (Guide sign)
BROWNIES "Tu-whit, Tu-whit, Tu-woo"
THINKING DAY (shout) February 22nd
GIRLS (shout) Hurray!
GIRL GUIDES "Hello out there"  (hand to mouth)
WORLD "Big wound world" (make circle with hands)
CANADA "Maple Leaf Forever"

There once lived a man whose name was LORD BADEN POWELL. He spent a long time in the British Army in India and Africa, and created the BOY SCOUTS. The boys learned new and exciting things from him and soon the GIRLS wanted to join in the fun, and joined in a BOY SCOUT parade atCrystal Palace, in London. LORD BADEN-POWELL was very surprised and began to think of fun things for GIRLS to do to help them grow in their own way and not just copy the boys.

In 1910 he asked his sister, Agnes, to set up the GIRL GUIDES and many units were formed as soon as they could find enough leaders and meeting places. The younger GIRLS also wanted to join in the fun and so the BROWNIES were started for them. They were first called Rosebuds. Later, LORD BADEN-POWELL went on an ocean cruise and met a lady named Olave Soames. They had many things in common, including the same birthdate, and were married that same year.  10,000 BOY SCOUTS each gave one penny to buy a Rolls Royce car for their leader and his young wife.

LADY BADEN-POWELL was a very enthusiastic and friendly person who wanted GIRL GUIDES and BROWNIES to be known everywhere. She visited many countries, including CANADA and helped set up an International Council, which is now called "The WORLD Association of GIRL GUIDES and Girl Scouts, which we call W.A.G.G.G.S. February 22nd was the birthday of both LORD BADEN-POWELL and LADY BADEN-POWELL. This very special day was called THINKING DAY, and on this day, BOY SCOUTS, GIRL GUIDES and BROWNIES remember their friends all over the WORLD.

Every THINKING DAY, GIRL GUIDES and BROWNIES in CANADA collect money for the WORLD Association to help girls in other countries share in the fun and friendship. Now each year, we remember LORD BADEN-POWELL who started the BOY SCOUTS, and LADY BADEN-POWELL, along with all our GIRL GUIDES and BROWNIE friends around the WORLD on THINKING DAY.

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