Here are some hints for making homemade igloos:
  1. Think about the design, bearing in mind the size of cubes and plate before getting the cubes out of the freezer.
  2. Make the igloos on a chilled ceramic or glass plate - that will prevent the bottom ones melting before the top ones are put in place.
  3. To stick them together, use some fine salt - either have a plate of salt and quickly dip the next one in on one side before sticking it on the lower layer or sprinkle a little salt over the top of the previous one. The salt makes the ice melt slightly, then freeze again, but don't add too much or it won't re-freeze.
  4. Alternative sticking method (slower but easier to rescue the results if you leave it too long rather than add too much salt). Put some boiled water in a heavy pan (for safety), put a plate on top, put the ice cubes on the plate for a short time before using for building.
If your freezer needs defrosting, take some of the sheets of ice that fall off and use them to make a snow scene to put your igloos on.

Be sure to take a photo ... and then put the lot outside or in the bath before everything gets wet!

Contributed by:
Amanda Kerr-Munslow
10th North Oxford Guides, Oxfordshire, UK

Alternatively, use eggshells for igloos (draw on bricks with a black felt tipped pen), and cotton wool for snow, to make an 'igloo scene'.

Contributed by:
Liz Watts
Former Brownie Guider and County Hillwalking Adviser, UK
Cadette Leader, Girl Scouts of Tres Condados, California, USA

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