Balloon Game from India

We had Sparks visit our Guide group for a Valentine meeting.  My part was coming up with a game and I did one that came from India.  It is very similar to Ladders if you've heard of it.

All the girls pick a partner and sit on the floor facing each other with feet touching. (We modified this since Guides have much longer legs than Sparks!).  Then you throw one balloon in the middle and each side tries to get the balloon over the head of the other side. After a few minutes you add more balloons (I think I had about five or six going - depends how many girls there are).  They had a blast!

You do need quick people on either side of the line to throw the balloons back in!  I think Brownies and Sparks could probably handle this, the Sparks were holding their own!  We did pair of Guides, pair of Sparks, pair of Guides, pair of Sparks, etc.  With Brownies you could probably match a Brownie with a Spark (closer in size!). My only other suggestion is to make sure you have enough balloons for everyone to take one home.

The girls had a blast playing this game!

Contributed by:
Formerly of 2nd Derby Reach Guides
Peace Arch Area

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