More Craft Ideas from India

Diwaldi Lamps

(or actually dipa lamps)

Make these out of clay. Make a small flat bowl with a lip on one end, coil the wick and add oil to cover the wick (vegetable or corn oil will work). Light the wick and place the lamp on a windowsill, roof top, walkways, etc. Lamp can be painted with tempera paints after it is dry.

Men on a Stick

(I don't know the proper name)

In India these are made of bamboo. The trunk/head are cut out of one piece. The arms and legs are each made of two pieces of bamboo which are 'tacked' together with stitches and then tacked to the torso. The man is then attached to a skewer. The skewer is twirled and the little man dances. Can make a similar item using heavy paper and butterfly pins.


Many houses are decorated in India with bright coloured chalk 'pictures' in front of their house. This is called Rangoli. They are made to welcome the goddess Laxmi who brings good luck and prosperity. The pattern is not drawn but 'sprinkled' by rubbing the powder between the thumb and forefinger. You could have the girls draw designs using coloured chalk. I know its not exactly the same, but close.

Lotus flowers

This is origami - the pattern should be available through your library.

All the above were contributed by:
Marion Lougheed
Red Willow Creek District, Aurora

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