Colour Game and Number Game from India

Colour Game

Along the same idea as 'Paint Box' (See Fruit Basket Upset and Variations in the Games section of The GuideZone). I started with sheets of construction paper with the colour written on it.: yellow is pila, pink is gulabi, blue is nila, orange is narangi, red is lal, green is hara. Number each person in your group so they are divided into smaller groups. (i.e. number the girls 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4, etc.). Have each number represent a colour: 1= lal, 2=nila, etc. One person in the middle calls out a colour using the Hindi word. Those girls change places while the one in the middle tries to grab a place. The new person without a seat goes in the middle and calls the next colour. To get everyone to change places, call colour box. To make it easier, we usually start with the girl in the middle having the construction paper to reinforce the word association.

Variation of the colour game, especially for younger girls (e.g. Sparks) is to call out a colour and have everyone try to touch something with that colour in it, or stand if they are wearing something with that colour, etc.

Number Game

Hindi words again - 1=ek, 2=do (pronounced dough), 3=teen, 4=char, 5=panch. Any type of relay game using these words works well. Again, I have the words written on a sheet of paper with the number also indicated.

Contributed by:
Marion Lougheed
Red Willow Creek District, Aurora

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