Lots of ideas for representing India

We did India in 3rd grade. For our food--rice pudding with a little cinnamon (not exactly the Indian recipe--tried that by boiling milk and rice together and decided traditional USA rice pudding tasted almost the same, less work and maybe a little more tasty--got the idea from a lady from India). We put the table legs down and sat the tables on the floor and ate there.

Learn to wrap a sari---just get some yardage of material and get a book from the library to learn how it's wrapped. My girls also used some round gems and stuck them to their forehead (some come with adhesive on it--just peel and stick). Be sure to discuss why they wear those--again the library book.

Learn to play Parchesi--a board game that is very easy for your age group to learn to play--ask your parents if they have the game--someone will--if not it's not expensive and your daughter and family would enjoy it.

Check on that library book about holidays--I believe there is a Festival of Lights that you could talk about and maybe decorate your booth or table with.

Learn about Sangam--the GS world center in India. Learn the Sangam song--check at the council office for help on these.

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Kathy Perry

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