Our Booth representing Ireland

My girls did Ireland a couple of years ago. We made a big poster display with pictures from travel agency brochures and also National Geographic magazines (our library sells old magazines for ten cents). I also checked out books from the library so we could learn about the country and its people. We all wore green plastic derby hats that we picked up for half price after St. Patrick's Day.

Our food item was green jello jigglers in the shape of shamrocks. Each girl's family made one recipe. We charged a dime for each jiggler.

Our game was a pot-o-gold game. It consisted of a large brass planter that was used to hold shamrocks cut from the school's stencil machine. They were numbered and laminated (for durability). Prizes were ordered on the basis of what number was drawn.

I believe our craft was felt tote bags. A large quantity of felt was donated to the troop. Bags were made and then decorated with fabric paint. I think we sold them for fifty cents. The other kids could use them to hold prizes and goodies from other countries.

It worked out well.

Contributed by:
Anne Geisen
Cadette Troop 297

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