Food Ideas for Israel

Chick peas (or garbanzo beans) are used in several Israeli dishes. One simple one is "humus" which is a dip for pitta bread. Cook chick peas and grind in blender with a slightly less than equal amount of tahini (sesame paste) and some olive oil and some garlic. Salt to taste, and spread a circle on a plate. Sprinkle the paste with chopped parsley leaves, and dip up with pieces of pitta bread.

A sweeter dish is sesame candy "halva". Add honey to sesame paste. Make it rather dry and shape into a bar. You can also marble it by adding some coca powder to half the mixture, then blending and squeezing together. You could make this in individual portions actually in a ziploc baggie for each girl: put ingredients in and let her squeeze and blend it all together. If it made rather dry, you can eat it by hand in chunks. Otherwise you might want plastic spoons.  A few walnut or pistachio pieces can be added at the end if fancy halva is desired.

If you can get prickly pear cactus fruit, this is a traditional fruit eaten in Israel (carefully). Peel and cut in little slices for everyone to try. It is called a "sabra". Israelis who are born in Israel, not immigrants, call themselves "sabras" after this fruit. They claim they are "prickly on the outside, but sweet on the inside".

Contributed by:
Debbie Radstrom
Junior/Cadette/Senior Troop Leader, Sandpiper Neighborhood Troop Consultant
Suncoast Council, Florida, USA

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