Craft Ideas for Italy

Romans used wax coated wooden tablets. Try making some by coating one side of a piece of cardboard with wax crayon, and then using a small stick (matchstick?) to write on the wax.

Design a mosaic using small squares of paper. You could use gummed paper, or cut up pictures from old magazines (good for getting lots of different shades).

Make brooches - Romans liked wearing jewelry, particularly brooches. Cut circles, diamonds, triangles or other shapes out of stiff card. Decorate by gluing pasta shapes, string patterns, seeds, etc. Once the glue is dry, spray the whole brooch with gold or silver paint. Once dry, attach a safety pin to the back with sticky tape.

Make a Venetian masquerade mask (sorry, we don't have instructions)

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Rebecca Saint
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Try some of the pasta crafts from The GuideZone's Food and Cookery Crafts section.

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