Food Ideas for Italy

Make pizzas, meatballs, spaghetti, lasagne, marinara sauce.

One year on Pack Holiday, our Brownies decorated individual pizzas. The Leaders made the dough and spread tomato puree on the base. Then we laid out bowls of sliced mushrooms, peppers, onions, sweetcorn, grated cheese, chopped meat, and so on. In other words, the usual pizza toppings. The Brownies then made faces (or whatever they wanted) on their pizzas from the toppings. After they were cooked, the Brownies really enjoyed looking at how their faces had changed, and of course enjoyed telling us how they were eating the various parts of the faces all through the meal!

Have a look at this web site for ideas on making pizzas - Polly-O Pizza Night

Contributed by:
Liz Watts
Tres Condados Girl Scout Council, California, USA
Ex Guider and Adviser, UK

Check this web site for Italian recipes:

Serve 'gelato' - vanilla ice-cream in paper cups.

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