Understanding Australians

This is a small collection of Australian words and sayings I came across in various places while I was researching Australia for Thinking Day. If you can find a copy of the words of the song 'Waltzing Matilda' with an explanation of the words, there are lots more Australian words and expressions there!

Bush --- any rural area
Back of beyond --- distant place
The Big Smoke --- a city (I've also heard of London, England described as The Big Smoke)
Hard yacker --- tiring work
Mob --- Flock (of sheep)
Outback --- inland region
Jumbuck --- Sheep
Willy-willy --- A cyclone
Up a gum tree --- In a mess
Station --- A sheep ranch

Contributed by:
Liz Watts
Tres Condados Girl Scout Council, California
Ex Guider and Adviser, England

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This page last updated June 9th, 1999