US/UK Words

This list could easily be used for a Thinking Day activity - maybe as a way to get people into pairs, or just as a puzzle to match the correct words.

Thanks to the following people who have contributed to this list:
Jane Reynolds, San Diego-Imperial County, CA
Catherine Butler, Brownie Leader, Frisco, TX - Tejas Council
Terry and Helen Lloyd - friends
Phil - my husband!!

Liz Watts
Junior and Cadette/Senior Co-Leader, California, USA
Ex Guider and Adviser, UK

Transport Out n About
At Work Food
General Babies
At Home Clothes
Animals School
Stationary Music
Children's Games Girl Scouts / Guiding

Transport (US=UK)

Auto = Car  Sedan = Saloon 
Wagon = Estate Truck = Lorry
Trunk = Boot Hood = Bonnet
Windshield = Windscreen Muffler = Exhaust
License Plate = Number Plate Parking/Emergency Brake = Handbrake
Gearshift = Manual  Rental Car = Hire Car
Sidewalk = Pavement Pavement = Road
Asphalt = Tarmac Parking Lot = Car Park
On/Off Ramp = Slip Road Yield = Give Way
Make a Right = Turn Right Gas = Petrol
Pedestrian Crosswalk = Pedestrian Crossing Railroad Crossing = Level Crossing
Freeway = Motorway Overpass = Flyover
Tailback = Traffic Jam  

See why I was confused to be told in my driving test here in the US to drive on the pavement? To a Brit, it's like telling them to drive on the sidewalk!!!

Out n About (US=UK)

ATM = Cashpoint Movie = Film
Lawyer = Solicitor Realtor = Estate Agent
Stand in Line = Queue Money-off Coupon = Money-off Voucher
Shopping Cart = Shopping Trolley Restroom/Bathroom = Toilet (colloq. = loo)
1st Floor = Ground Floor 2nd Floor = 1st Floor etc
Check (Restaurant) = Bill Cash Register = Till

At Work (US=UK)

Co=Worker = Colleague Fire (verb) = Sack

Food (US=UK)

Shrimps = Prawns Tomato Paste = Tomato Puree
Zucchini = Courgettes Corn = Sweetcorn
Ground Beef = Minced Beef Cookies = Biscuits
Semi-sweet Chocolate = Plain Chocolate Sweet Chocolate = Milk Chocolate
Fries = Chips Chips = Crisps
Jello = Jelly Jelly = Jam
Wheat Bread = Brown Bread Rye Bread = Granary Bread
Bag Lunch = Packed Lunch Candy = Sweets
Popsicle = Ice Lolly Starburst = Opal Fruits
Milky Way = Mars Bar Silverware = Cutlery
Broiler = Grill Carry Out = Take Away

General (US=UK)

Fall = Autumn Vacation = Holiday
National Holiday = Bank Holiday Two Weeks = Fortnight
Mail = Post Zip Code = Post Code
Flashlight = Torch Fanny Pack = Bum Bag
Purse = Handbag Band-Aid = Plaster
Cellular Phone = Mobile Phone Counterclockwise = Anti-clockwise
Soccer = Football Football = American Football
Guy (Man) = Bloke Mom = Mum
Aluminum = Aluminium Bangs (hair) = Fringe
Talk Show (TV) = Chat Show Zee (the letter) = Zed
Shot (injection) = Jab Jump Rope = Skipping Rope

Babies (US=UK)

Cot = Camp Bed Crib = Cot
Stroller = Push Chair Pacifier = Dummy
Diapers = Nappies Prenatal = Antenatal

At Home (US=UK)

Faucet = Tap Drapes = Curtains
Trash/Garbage = Rubbish Trash Can = Rubbish Bin
VCR = Video Recorder Attic = Loft
Back Yard = Back Garden Comforter = Duvet

Clothes (US=UK)

Sneakers / Tennis Shoes = Trainers Pants = Trousers
Sweater = Jumper Jumper = Pinafore Dress

Animals (US=UK)

German Shepherd = Alsatian Ladybug = Ladybird

School (US=UK)

Private School = Public School Public School = State School
School Yard = Playground Recess = Break
Math = Maths Principal = Headmaster/Headmistress/Head
Elementary School = Primary School Kindergarten = Reception Year
Teachers' Lounge = Staff Room  

Stationary (US=UK)

Eraser = Rubber Thumbtack = Drawing Pin

Music (US=UK)

Whole Note = Semi-breve Half Note = Minim
Quarter Note = Crotchet Eighth Note = Quaver
Sixteenth Note = Semi-quaver Measure = Bar
Pick-up = Up-beat 1st / 2nd Ending = 1st / 2nd Time Bar

Children's Games (US=UK)

Freeze Dance = Musical Statues Tic-Tac-Toe = Noughts and Crosses
Hide and go Seek = Hide and Seek Operator or Telephone = Chinese Whispers

Girl Scouts / Guiding (US=UK)

Membership Pin = Promise Badge Troop = Unit (or Pack for Brownies, Company for Guides)
Tunic (Daisy) = Tabard (Rainbow) Patch = Badge or Cloth Badge or Campblanket Badge
Pin = Metal Badge WAGGGS Trefoil Pin = World Badge
Scarf (the type Cadettes and Seniors have) = Neckerchief

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