Tabbouli (Lebanon)

Tabbouli is a salad whose main ingredient is cracked wheat (bulgur). The wheat is soaked in water until soft.  You can buy a package at the grocery store with seasoning packet (use wheat, discard packet), but it's better to buy the wheat plain at a health or bulk food store.



Soak wheat in water to cover for one hour, squeeze dry and place in bowl. Chop parsley (including stems) very fine, add to wheat.  Mince onion and seed and chop tomato, add to wheat. Add remaining ingredients, mix well. If making ahead, mix together all ingredients except tomato. Chop and add tomato just before serving.

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When we asked Amanda for permission to post her recipes, she replied, "Please give additional credit to Vivian C. (my mom-in-law), she's taught me most of what I know about Lebanese cooking."

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