Fiesta Fun Lock-in

This theme is in the works right now. We are hoping to include the following: piñata, tacos, guacamole, sombreros, musical instruments (castanets, tambourine and maracas) ...

We have delegated our tasks and the craft chair has come up with three, wonderful ideas for creating the instruments:

  1. Tambourines from pie tins and bottle caps. She called several bakers to find donated tins and taverns have all the bottle caps we can use.
  2. Castanets made from conchos with finger loops of elastic. Not quite the right sound, though. Wooden nickels (2" diameter circular slice of wood, 1/2cm thick) might be more realistic, but someone would have to drill two holes for the elastic.
  3. Maracas are more time consuming to make, if paper mached. We are looking for a source for large prescription bottles or other small containers.
Piñatas will be purchased a head of time by each troop or unit. (2-3 troops)

Contributed by:
Cheryl Levitt (aka Thumper)
Neighborhood Service Unit Director, Michigan Metro Girl Scout Council, USA

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