Rima de Gallos (The Cock Fight) - a game from Mexico

The leader chooses two girls to be the cocks. Everyone else sits in a circle to form the boundary of the playing area. The two cocks stand with their backs to the leader while the leader pins a piece of colored paper on their backs (a strip of crepe paper works well). Each player should have a different color. The two players then stand facing each other in the middle of the circle. On a given signal, each player tries to discover the color of the paper on the back of her opponent by moving or jumping around without letting the opponent see her own color. Players may not touch each other. The first player to call out correctly the Spanish name of the color on the back of her opponent is the winner. The leader then picks out two more players and the game continues.

This game could also be used for reinforcing Spanish color words, such as rojo (red), azul (blue), verde (green), negro (black), amarillo (yellow), etc. The winner is the first player to call out the Spanish name of the color on the back of her opponent.

Contributed by:
Brenda Royer
Cadette Leader, San Fernando Valley Girl Scout Council, California, USA

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