Netherlands Girl Scout Closing: "I am a Link..."

In our troop we use this verse in our closing ceremony. If I translate it from Dutch it would be something like:
" I am a link in the golden chain which encloses the whole world.
  I must keep my link shiny and strong. "

Here is the chain verse in Dutch:
" Ik ben een schakel in gulden keten die de gehele wereld omvat.
  Ik moet mijn schakel glanzend en sterk houden. "

It forms the final part of our closing ceremony (Girl Scouts ages 10-15). We stand in a circle. Cross your arms right over left and give hands. Say the verse then shake hands and say 'wel thuis' (well trip home).

Contributed by:
Jeroen Dijkshoorm
Paulusgroep Maassluis, The Netherlands

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