Delph Tiles

Buy each girl a white tile (the kind you find on the bathroom walls!). Buy one of those car seat things that are made of beads. Cut it up - and glue a bead at each corner of the bottom of the tile, so that it sits up off the table. You can glue felt on the bottom to 'finish' it if you wish. (You could also use small tiles and stick magnets on the back)

Give the girls royal blue acrylic paint and have them paint a blue tulip on their tile. Or get a stencil and use the blue paint with the stencil. (Acrylic paint doesn't come out of your clothing so be careful not to spill! - or wash it out before it dries!!)

Then the girls can take their 'Delph blue' tiles home as Untersitzens (which is the German word), hot plates to put the tea pot on at the table. (If you
wish, spray the tiles with matte or satin plasticizer to seal it.)

Contributed by:
Jane Maddin
Pathfinder Guider, Orleans, Ontario, Canada

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