Alle Vogels Vliegen (All the Birds Fly) - a game from the Netherlands

Everyone sits in a circle. One player is chosen to be the leader. The leader names some objects that fly and some that do not - one at a time. For example, the leader may say "pigeons fly". Since that is true, players raise both arms as if to fly. But, if for example, the leader says "elephants fly", players keep their arms down. The leader names objects quickly, in order to confuse players. Players who make a mistake must pay a forfeit, or "pand" as it is called in Holland. The game continues until every player has paid at least one forfeit.

The forfeits are piled in the center of the circle and covered with a handkerchief. The leader touches one forfeit through the handkerchief and asks the other players what the girl who owns it must do to get it back. The group may suggest such things as singing a song or performing a stunt. When the action is done, the player gets her forfeit back. All players win their forfeits back in this way.

Contributed by:
Brenda Royer
Cadette Leader, San Fernando Valley Girl Scout Council, California, USA

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