Age Groups in Scouting and School (The Netherlands)

Here in the Netherlands, we have one organization for both boys and girls, which serves all the age troops and groups. The different groups are:
Age: English Name: Dutch Name:
05-07 (boys and girls) Beaver Scouts Bevers
07-11 (boys) Cubs Welpen
07-11 (girls) Brownies Kabouters
07-11 (boys and girls) Estas Estas
11-14 (boys) Boy Scouts Landverkenners
11-14 (girls) Girl Scouts Padvindsters
11-14 (boys and girls) Sea Scouts Zeeverkenners
11-14 (boys and girls) Air Scouts Luchtverkenners
14-17 (boys and girls) Pioneer Scouts Rowans en Sherpa's
17-21 (boys and girls) Rover Scouts Stam

The Estas were founded because some Dutch groups have too few troop leaders to have both an Brownie and a Cub troop. To solve this problem, groups can merge Cubs and Brownies in to an Esta troop. For example, an 8 year old girl can choose (if her group has both a Brownie troop as well as an Esta troop). Estas are new in our HQ organization, and they have their own program, own uniform and their own patches.

We also have a special care group within our Dutch HQ called Blue Bird (blauwe vogels) for children with an handicap. I don't know the age level of this troop.

Here in the Netherlands we have as grades at school:
02-04 years Pre-kindergarden
04-05 years Group 1
05-06 years Group 2
06-07 years Group 3
07-08 years Group 4
09-10 years Group 5
10-11 years Group 6
11-12 years Group 7
12-13 years Group 8

Contributed by:
Matthijs Althoff
Brownie troop leader Cycloongroup Borculo, the Netherlands.

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