Craft Suggestions for New Zealand

I lived in New Zealand for 6 daughters are now in 1st grade and for Christmas around the world the school asked me to come to talk about New Zealand...saw your posts and thought maybe you could also do some of the things I suggested for the 1st graders...things like make kiwi birds out of brown pom poms and yellow felt or take the tips of ferns and paint them silver and add glitter and a bow (the silver fern is another of their symbols), you could make little Maori "dolls" with simulated flax skirts with the distinctive "stripe " pattern & headbands on them or cut out a tiki shape and paint it/color it green, etc. Real ones are cut from jade and used as a decoration on a necklace most commonly). The female Maori often dance twirling poi and you could simulate those balls by wrapping styrofoam balls with yarn or rattan and having them on ropes (one for each hand). They DO have a lot of sheep, of course, so that was also a good suggestion. Depends on the age of the girls what else you could do.

From: JHeyworth
Courtesy of Chris Welch and The Girl Scout Resource Center

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