New Zealand Girl Guide Uniforms

New Zealand Girl Guide Uniforms are bought on a mix and match basis.

Pippins wear ordinary clothes and have a navy or aqua popover - this is a 2 sided apron like children wear for painting at preschool, but it is of material not plastic.

Brownies wear either a aqua Brownie T-shirt with a navy Sunshine design or the GGANZ polo shirt that Guides, Rangers and Adults wear. They wear a sash with their badges on. Their other uniform options are the same as the others.

Brownies, Guides, Rangers and Adults (Leaders):

Polo shirt: ( for summer) Aqua with navy GGANZ logo on collar points, navy line around the collar.
Skivvy: (for winter) Turtle neck, aqua with navy logo
Blouse: White with aqua spots, white buttons, long sleeve, dropped shoulders, pleat at back.
Sweatshirt: Girls - Aqua crew neck with navy neckband featuring woven aqua logos.
                 Adults - Aqua with V-neck, navy neckband with woven aqua logos and ribbed waistband.
                 Adults - (larger sizes) with side splits instead of ribbed waistband.
Cardigan or Jersey/jumper: Navy knitted - any style - buy your own not through Guide shop.

Culottes: (shorts that look like a skirt and come to the knee) - Navy with aqua trim on pockets.
Trackpants: Navy with aqua stripe down left seam from the knee.
Skirt: Navy either flared knee length (for meetings / camps) or straight (for adults for official occasions).
Jacket: To match straight skirt. Usually only worn by commissioners on official occasions.
Adult Scarf: Can be worn with blouse (optional).

Any other navy bottoms can be worn e.g. jeans, shorts, trousers any style skirt or plain trackpants etc.

The uniform is all mix and match. Most adults wear Poloshirt with shorts in summer and sweatshirt and plain trousers, jeans or trackpants in winter. The administrators generally wear blouses and skirts at official type meetings but the other uniform at camps etc.

Uniform is worn by everyone at all meetings and GG occasions.

Girl Guides have a sash with their badges sewn on.

Rangers have a special ranger scarf they wear and a red badge tab they pin on with their metal badges on. Adults have a navy badge tab with their metal badges on e.g.- provincial badge, world badge, 5 year service bar, good service badge etc.

The Trefoil is worn at the centre of the neckline of whatever top you are wearing.

Contributed by:
Jo-Anne Griffiths
Divisional Commissioner for Ruapehu Division, New Zealand

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