New Zealand's Leadership Training Program (LTP)

In NZ we have the LTP (very simply, Leadership Training Programme) which was introduced in October 1996 replacing the ten year old Focus on Leadership training programme.

Before a leader is warranted she works through an orientation programme with a "guiding partner" (another leader who is familiar with guiding, and has been trained in the use of the "New Leader Orientation Kit").

Just an aside here, men can be appointed leaders but not warranted. Appointed leaders do not make the promise but must agree to abide by the aims and principles of guiding (of course, females may wish to make or renew the promise). They can also attend trainings and work on the LTP and wear uniform, but cannot take sole charge of a unit. All commissioners, advisers and unit leaders are warranted, unit assistant are appointed. (But I digress!)

New Leader Orientation consists of ...

    Meet Commissioner who goes over ...

    Guiding Overview

    and gets her personal details (registration or appointed)

Meet Guiding Partner who, with the help of the "New Leader Orientation Kit" covers ...

    History of Guiding
    Structure of GGANZ
    Guiding Jargon
    Job Descriptions

    Visit a Unit (observe guiding in action)
    Acquire skills to for guiding role - 6-8wks of on-job-training in a unit

The leader is then enrolled (makes or renews her promise) and warranted by the commissioner and is encouraged to begin on Level 1 of LTP.

When a leader agrees to be warranted (which is renewed after 5yrs), she undertakes the obligation to do at least one training every year. As the Training Adviser I keep a register of everyone who attends trainings so we can encourage those who are not going to trainings to do so.

Some of the things in the LTP (severely edited!)

Level 1 (which should be completed in the leader's first six months) covers things like ...

    Long Term Programme/Meeting Planning - using unit team, variety and fun, evaluation, cultural and religious needs
    Learning Styles - use of different styles of learning
    Branch Resources - branch handbooks and resource manuals and publications Safety Requirements - first aid, safety "guidelines", activity forms
    Knowledge of GGANZ - NZ Guiding family structure and links, uniform
    Record Keeping - progress & achievements, access to info, keeping up to date

Level 2 covers things like ...

    Long Term Programme/Meeting Planning - individual needs, involve family/community, adapting
    Guiding Skills - handcrafts (low cost), musical activities, ceremonial, use of games, camping/indoor holiday, etc.
    Girl Leadership - encourage girl leadership, patrol system, planning with girls
    Safe Environment - GGANZ policies, outdoor activity, coping with emergency situations
    Learning Environment - growth and development of girls, modern technology
    Relationships - spiritual dimension of guiding, other cultures and religious differences, WAGGGS IEKit "World Around Us" activity, team leadership
    Guiding Culture - history of Guiding in NZ, traditions of Guiding, WAGGGS
    Administration - time management, GGANZ operational plan, managing finances
    Communication - delegating tasks, effective listening skills, positive image of guiding, service or community project

Level 3 covers things like ...

    Advanced Programme/Meeting Planning - adapt programmes for special interest groups, complex technological skills, computerized records, unit residential
    Guiding Skills - assist in training role, first aid, musical activities, advanced outdoor skills, original game/resource, camping/indoor holiday
    Girl Leadership - for girl self esteem and confidence, leadership in the outdoors, youth contribution to team decision making, social issues affecting young people
    Safe Environment - conflict resolution techniques, GGANZ qualification
    Positive Communication - modern technology for learning and communication
    Relationships - workshop on Treaty of Waitangi/bi-culturalism, team building, self evaluation techniques, WAGGGS IEKit Badge, explore own spirituality
    Public Relations - confident delegation, international event, promote guiding in community, introduce a new leader to Guiding

All of this is self assessed, and a badge and certificate is issued at the completion of each level.

As a training team, we try to cover the topics in the LTP so leaders do get the required training, but they are free to attend training courses run by other organizations such as (Boy) Scouts, work, school, other service groups, etc.

Contributed by:
Cheryl Watson
Ranger Leader, Certificated Trainer & Provincial Training Adviser, Wellington, New Zealand

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