Learning About New Zealand

Our troop had New Zealand last year - while we were learning about the country we sampled kiwi fruit (and noted that Kiwi is the name for a bird or a New Zealander; the fruit always has the word fruit included in the name). Thanks to the web site from a troop of New Zealand Guides (Northland Girl Guides  <http://www.azmetro.com/northlan.html> ) we learned "Sheep Tag" and "Wizard, Dwarf, Giant" (a group version of Paper, Rock, Scissors), as well as getting the NZ version of the Promise & Law, which we used in our display. This is a tremendous web site for information about NZ Guiding - they have set it up to help out people "doing" their country for Thinking Day.

I had also gotten some balls called poi (soft padded balls with a long cord on each - they are twirled in intricate patterns along with some traditional Maori songs)  My girls all got to try them out to see if they could do any of the fancy moves with them.

At our Thinking Day event held by the service unit we are also supposed to sell a swap or food that represents our country (profits go to the World Friendship Fund). We made little kiwi (bird) pins from brown fun foam and sold enough to donate about $20.

Contributed by:
Sallie Zeil
Virginia Beach, VA, USA

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