A Cheap, Easy and Quick Portuguese Craft Idea

Materials: Directions:
  1. Fold the doilie in half to make a semi-circle.
  2. Punch a hole at the top of the round part (not at the fold).
  3. Tie the ribbon around the rose where the flower joins the stem (wire) - a bow looks nice, but a double knot is easier.
  4. Poke the wire stem through the hole in the folded doilie.
  5. Bend the stem back along itself & twist the end around the stem at the back of the doilie, forming a loop behind the rose.
  6. Decorate the front of the doilie (the side where the rose & bow are) with the markers.
  7. Pin to your hat with the safety pin through the stem-loop.
We used green roses & red ribbon (the colours of the Portuguese flag) & drew bunches of grapes & the word "Portugal" in a semi-circle following the shape of the doilie. The doilie is to represent lace, which they make a lot of in Portugal. Grapes are grown there to make wine. This craft had to be 5 minutes to do, & presented at the "International Marketplace" for groups of 5 to 6 girls at a time. There are 80 girls at the camp, each group representing a different country & presenting either a craft, game or other carnival type activity for the groups to do at each station. The materials are CHEAP the craft is easy, quick & suggestive of Portugal, I think.

Contributed by:
Shelagh Walsh
Spark & Pathfinder Guider, Arts Trainer
North Vancouver, Canada

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