Thinking Day Message for Church Service

Here is my 1995 Thinking Day message:

1995 marks the 85th year of Guiding in Canada, Guiding is part of our heritage.

It is the delight on a young girl's face as she succeeds in doing something for the first time.

It is the warmth and comfort of friends at camp.

It is a special leader or a special challenge.

It is a sense of belonging to something worthwhile.

The basis for our Guiding heritage is found in the fundamental principles or the essential elements of Guiding as set out by Baden-Powell when he started this organization.

Our Promise and Law, a search for a higher spiritual being, a commitment to community and our country and the principle of service to others.

Girl Guiding teaches young women around the world the value of citizenship, co-operation and respect for others. Thinking Day is an affirmation of the importance of these basic ideals and to teach us about girls like us in other countries.

We use Thinking Day to better understand the lives of Guides in all nations and to learn more about global understanding.

Contributed by:
Wendy Baker
Campbellford, Ontario, Canada

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