Thinking Day Church Service and World Friendship Fund Story

Here is a story that I read at a Thinking Day Church service some years ago (no date on my copy), but it was the year we had peace as our theme and we did the Peace mobile:

The young Olave Soames met Sit Robert Baden-Powell in 1912 on a cruise to the Caribbean. She knew he had recently founded Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. Their shipboard romance blossomed, as they discovered they enjoyed many things in common, not the least of which was a February 22nd birthday.  Marriage followed and Olave soon became immersed in Guiding.

For over 60 years now their birthday has been celebrated as "Thinking Day" during which members concentrate their thoughts and actions on the promotion of world peace and understanding. Each boy and girl is encouraged to think of their brothers and sisters in other countries, to participate in activities that expand their international horizons, and to contribute financially to the Canadian World Friendship Fund.

This fund helps by supporting mutual aid projects with other countries every year, such as shipping tents to Barbados, Bolivia, Jamaica, helping provide uniforms for Haiti, a van for Peru and an overhead projector for Cyprus to name a few.

In addition to mutual aid projects the Canadian World Friendship Fund provides money for member countries in time of natural disaster, for establishing Guiding and Girl Scouting in other countries, for maintaining the World Centres, for Canadian members attending International events and for bringing girls from other Member Countries to visit Canada.

We are part of a group of nearly eight million girls representing many races and religions in more than 136 countries of the world with a common goal to provide world peace and global understanding.

In the words of Lady Baden-Powell, "Thus do we Guides, of all kings and of all ages and of all nations, go with the highest and the best towards the spreading of true peace and goodwill on earth."

Contributed by:
Wendy Baker
Campbellford, Ontario, Canada

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