Mice and Mealies - a Game from South Africa

This is a game my Brownies in England used to enjoy. (Note: Brownies in England are aged 7 - 10). I think they enjoyed it mainly because it is an energetic game, but also because the Brownies who were waiting for their turn also had something to do (counting up to 20).

The Brownies (the mice) make a circle. Put a pile of 'mealies' in the center of the circle - we used dried peas, but any collection of small objects would work equally as well. Number the mice 1-6 around the circle - each group 6 is a team. (If you don't have an exact number of teams, some Brownies may need to 'double up' on some numbers to complete the teams)

The leader calls out a number. All the mice with that number run around the outside of the circle (make sure everyone knows which way to run before you start the game!), and then back into the circle through their original space. They then try to pick as many 'mealies' as they can - they must pick up one 'mealie' at a time, take it back to their place, then get the next 'mealie', take it back to their place, etc. As soon as the first mouse enters the circle, everyone who is not running starts counting up to 20 - roughly as 20 seconds. As soon as 20 is reached the mice must stop picking mealies. The mouse with the most 'mealies' score a point for her team.

The mealies are put back on the floor in the center of the circle, and the leader calls another number.

Contributed by:
Liz Watts
Ex Guider and Adviser, England

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