Castanets (Spain)

Castanets from large seed pods are good for Spanish dancing. The girls may enjoy hearing and dancing to the Flamenco, and Spanish guitars.

Contributed by:
Debbie Radstrom
Troop Leader, Suncoast Council, Florida.

This is an idea our craft chair has come up with for our 'Fiesta Fun' event:

Castanets made from conchos with finger loops of elastic. Not quite the right sound, though. Wooden nickels (2" diameter circular slice of wood, 1/2 cm thick) might be more realistic, but someone would have to drill two holes for the elastic.

Contributed by:
Cheryl Levitt (aka Thumper)
Neighborhood Service Unit Director, Michigan Metro Girl Scout Council, USA

If you have access to the Junior Badge book (GSUSA), 1990 edition, there are instructions for making castanets on page 80.

Has anyone reading this got some instructions to make castanets that they could send in?

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