Food Ideas for Sweden

Swedes are famous for their buffets - heard of "smorgasbord"? - and a great dish for a crowd is Jansons Frestelse - Janson's Temptation. Basically julienne potatoes in a flat casserole layered with chopped onion and anchovies moistened with cream / half & half, and baked in the oven. The anchovies give a salty flavor but you wouldn't know they're in there (for the squeamish). Serve with ham or good hot dogs. The other idea is a sandwich cake - smorgastarta - cut a round loaf in 1 inch layers, "frost" between layers and on top with fillings like cream cheese or mayo- based spreads or liverwurst, and top with tiny shrimp, inexpensive Icelandic caviar in a jar, chopped or sliced hard-boiled egg, cucumber pickles, fresh dill, lemon slices, etc. Serve like cake. For dessert, any ginger cookie - cutouts or round snaps. Of course, Swedes love cakes with whipped cream or fruit soup.

Contributed by:
Janine M. Farhat
Leader, Junior troop #836, Silver Spring MD, GSCNC, USA

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