List of Activity Ideas for Switzerland

The following are not complete instructions for activities relating to Switzerland - they are ideas for you to grow activities from. Of course, if anyone would be willing to send us more complete instructions of activities they have tried, we would love to add them to The GuideZone!

Switzerland is famous for mountains. When it was not easy to travel and there were no telephones, Yodeling was one way of communicating across the valleys. Learn a Yodeling song, and devise a way of using Yodeling to communicate.

Swiss Army Knives are one of the Switzerland's most famous exports. Learn and teach someone else the correct way to use a knife.

Contributed by:
Liz Watts
Tres Condados Girl Scout Council, California, USA
Ex Guider and Adviser, UK

We were able to borrow a copy of 'The Sound of Music'.  We showed the part where the father sings Edelweiss, and then we taught the girls the song.

Contributed by:
Mari Corson
Co-Leader, Brownie Troop 663, USA

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