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The following translations came from "Fall 95 Team Talk", a publication of the Girl Guides of Canada:


E'la sera, tutto face
La nei boschi, Sui monti, Nel piano,
Tutt'e pace, Tutt'e bene
E Dio viene.


Durch die Nacht, tonet sacht
Unser Lied, Friede zieht durch das Land,
Alles ruht, Gottes Hand,
schutzt uns gut.


C'est la nuit, tout se tait,
Sur la plaine, les collines et les bois,
C'est la paix, tout est bien
Et Dieu vient.


D'avand valt, alles zwijgt
Zachtkens ruist over zee, bos en hei,
Winde groet, alles wei,
God nabij.


Dagen, randt, solen svandt
Bort fra himmel, fra hav, cg fra land,
Hvil kuntrygt, Fred i sind,
Gud er naer.


Dagem dor, skymning rar
over skog, over berg, over hav,
Allt ar ro, vila trygg,
Gud ar nar.


Ilta saa uinahtaa,
Paivyto vetten ja, metsien taa,
Tyyn ny rain, Luamas on
Herre ain.


Haere ra, (farewell) E te ao (to the light)
E te tai, te puke, te rangi; (To the sea, The hill, The sky)
Kei te pai, (All is well) Piri mai, (Draws near)
Te Atua (The Lord)

words by Rand A Oppenheimer

And even more translations of taps ...


Hi Wa
Ochi nu
Umi mo
Yama mo
Soro mo
Kami mo
Moto ni

Words submitted by: Carolyn Ayers

Japanese vowels are pronounced as in Spanish:
a = ah
e = eh
i  = ee
o = oh
u = oo

Hi means day and is pronounced "hee".  However, there is a Japanese word, Hai, pronounced "ha-ee", which means "yes".  Pronounced quickly it sounds like "Hi!"

The Japanese word for Japanese is "Nihongo".  Nihon means Japan, and -go means language

Pronunciation submitted by: Charlotte M. Meyer, Girl Scout Leader, Mississippi Valley Girl Scout Council


Descansad, todo es paz
Cae la noche en la tierra y el mar
Descansad que el señor cerca está.


Siopilí, apalí, sta vouná pefti níhta varía,
o Theós mas filá.

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