Making Candles for the Festival of Lights (Thailand)

The Festival of Lights (Loi Krathong Festival) takes place in Thailand (and other South Asia areas) at the end of the rainy season, when the rice has been planted. It is an offering to the water gods. Small boats (kratong) in the shape of lotus flowers with a candle in the middle, are floated on rivers and canals at night. They are traditionally made from folded banana leaves wrapped around a disk cut from a banana stalk.


Method: Place candle and holder in a wide dish of water so that it floats. Light the candle (it may be easier to light the candle before placing it in the holder). Several candles and holders could be used a table centerpiece.

A variation is to cover the leaves with aluminum foil.

Contributed by:
Liz Watts
Tres Condados Girl Scout Council, California, USA
Ex Guider and Adviser, UK

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