Brownie Enrollment (Investiture) - UK

There is an outline of the 'core' part (the part where the new Brownie recites her Promise and Law) of the enrollment in the Brownie Handbook. There are also traditions that many Brownie Packs follow such as the new Brownie being introduced by her Sixer, and the 'Twist me and Turn me' rhyme from the Brownie story. Beyond that, each Pack has its own unique ceremony. The following is an example of a ceremony used by one Pack.

Contributed by:
Liz Watts
Tres Condados Girl Scout Council, California
Former Brownie Guider and County Hillwalking Adviser, UK

The Brownies all stand in a semi-circle with Parents sitting in the gap and Guiders at the top of the semi circle. The Guider in charge then briefly tells the Brownie story (mainly for the benefit of the Parents). The Sixer of the Brownie about to make her Promise then leads her to the Guider.

She (Sixer) says: "This is ......... and she wants to be a Brownie"
The Guider then says: "Will you please take her to the magic pool"
The Sixer then leads the Brownie in and out of the Brownies arms (as in 'in and out the dusty blue bell') their arms are like the trees in the forest.
In the center of the horse-shoe there is something on the floor that resembles a pool. Either a large mirror or something covered in tin foil. For effect you can also make grass, flowers etc.
The Sixer then takes the new Brownie to the pool and while the Sixer turns her round three times, the Pack says: "Twist me and turn me and show me the elf. I looked in the water, and there saw....."
The new Brownie then leans over, sees her face and says "Myself!"
The Sixer then leads her back to the Guider and steps back a few paces.

Guider: "Do you know the meaning of the Promise?
New Brownie: "Yes"
Guider: "You know that when you make a Promise you must keep it?"
New Brownie: "Yes"
Guider: "Are you ready to make your Promise as a Brownie?"
New Brownie: "Yes"
The Brownie then says her Promise.
Guider: "Do you know the Brownie Guide Law?"
Brownie: "Yes"
Guider: "Can you please now say the Brownie Guide Law"
The Brownie then says the Law and the Guider pins on her Promise badge. Whilst pinning on her Promise badge the Guider says something privately to the girl along the lines of, "I trust you to keep that Promise at home, school" etc. This is normally something personal to the girl.
The Brownie then turns around to face the Pack and the Guider says, "...... is now a member of the ........... Pack", and everyone salutes.

Contributed by:
Vicky White
United Kingdom

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