Baden-Powell Award (UK)

The Baden-Powell Award was brought in to replace the Queen's Guide, which was felt to have become no more than another collective badge emblem. Queens is now done in Senior Section, but with Duke of Edinburgh, and other things, not all that many girls attempt it.

You may start work for the Baden-Powell Trefoil any time after your thirteenth birthday ... but you must finish the blue trefoil before the Baden-Powell can be awarded. It is the highest award that can be earned in the Guide age level (10-14 year olds).

1. Find out all you can about one aspect of the history of Guiding, for example, the development of the World Centers, the lives of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, or any four decades of Guiding. Present this in an interesting way, for example a scrapbook, a game, computer game, video, talk, or entertainment, and share this with your unit.

2. Hold the Service emblem, and the Service Flash, and show that you are continuing to be of service to the community.

3. Show that you are making progress in a hobby or craft, either by gaining an interest badge related to it, or by gaining an outside qualification (e.g. Royal Schools of Music), or teaching your patrol how to do it.

4. Take an active part in a Guide camp, or equivalent residential event, while you are working for the Baden-Powell Trefoil.

5. Find out what is meant by the following terms: the EU, the Commonwealth, WAGGGS , and explain these clearly to an interested adult.

6. Hold the World Guiding Badge, and at least one other, (World Issues, World Traveler, World Culture, or World Wide).

7. Gain one interest badge from a collective emblem other than one you may have gained for clause 2 in the Blue Trefoil.

The District Commissioner ... would like a chat with you to find out what you did to gain this trefoil, and how you feel your understanding of the Promise will help you in the future.

Contributed by:
Carol Harding
District Commissioner and Unit Guider, Faversham, Belmont, UK

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