St. George and the Dragon - a Game from England

This is a variation on a popular Brownie game sometimes called "Penny on the Head". In "Penny on the Head", each Brownie tries in turn to creep to the Brownie in the middle to take the penny off of her head without being heard by the blindfolded Brownie in the middle.

To play St. George and the Dragon:

The Brownies sit in a circle. One Brownie is chosen by the leader to be the Dragon. The Dragon is blindfolded, and sits in the middle of the circle with St. George's sword in front of her. The Dragon is supposed to be guarding the sword.

As in the story of St. George and the Dragon, one person is chosen by the leader to be St. George, and creeps towards the Dragon and tries to capture the sword. If the Dragon hears her moving, she says 'Stop George' and tries to walk towards her and touch her. If the Dragon is able to touch St. George, St. George sits down and another St. George is chosen and the Dragon has another turn. If St. George is able to get to the sword without being heard or caught, St. George becomes the Dragon. 

Contributed by:
Liz Watts
Girl Scouts of Tres Condados Council, California, USA
Former Brownie Guider and County Hillwalking Adviser, UK

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