Highland Games - Scotland

The Highland Games represent a gathering of the clans - a clan being a group of Scottish Highlanders, descended from the same ancestor, or a really large family. Every Fall the clans would meet, and at these meetings the clansmen would test their skill and strength against one another in various games and sports. It was also a time when they participated in music and dancing.

Each Patrol could choose the name of a clan, eg Macloed, Lewis, Stewart, Frazier. See if they can find the tartan representative of their clan. They could then make tartan sashes for themselves, by weaving together strips of material or newspaper painted in the appropriate color.

As Chief Clansman, the leader could officially open the Highland Games. Here are some ideas for events:

Tug of War - no Highland Games is complete without this!

Tossing the Caber - using a straw, balanced on a finger tip and 'tossed' away. This also works well with a length of pipe insulation. (Remind the girls that they're throwing something really heavy!)

Throwing the Hammer - use a balloon on the end of a rolled up newspaper stick.

Put the Shot - use a balloon, foam ball or even a welly.

Discus Throw - use a paper plate.

Award points for the winner(s) of each event for their team/Clan/Patrol.

Contributed by:
Liz Watts
Girl Scouts of Tres Condados Council, California, USA
Former Brownie Guider and County Hillwalking Adviser, UK

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