Welsh Love Spoons Craft

I'm a Guide and Ranger Guider from the UK. I thought I'd suggest a Welsh craft for you. The Welsh make Love Spoons carved out of wood to give as a token of love, affection or friendship. Commonly given on birthdays, christenings, Christmas, confirmation, weddings, anniversaries, births... There are loads of different symbols you can incorporate to say what you mean, like daffodils, hearts, crosses, chains, bells, wheels.
My Guides carved them on St. David's Day (1st March, he's the patron saint of Wales) out of soap (its easier than wood). We used knives to carve with (table / butter knives not sharp ones), but only because I didn't have time to think of something safer. The soap needs to be about the same temperature as a girl's hand to become easy to carve. The best way to carve is to scrape soap away with the blade of the knife - trying to stick the knife into the soap tends to cause it to break.
There's a great web site at http://www.lovespoons.co.uk which has lots of pictures and an explanation of all the symbols. I printed off all their pictures to give the girls some ideas.

Contributed by:
Alice Pinches
Guider with 1st Hurst Guides and Rangers, and Commissioner for Loddon District, in Berkshire, UK.

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