Beach-related activities

Building sand castles.
We had a sand box full of sand, a large beach umbrella stood up in a gallon jug of wet sand, and all sorts of beach toys (buckets, shovels, sifters, etc.) tossed around it.  We put all this out on a couple of large blue tarps - it kept the mess down and also gave the feeling of water.

Maybe you could do this on a smaller scale on a table. If you used blue plastic table cloths, you could put sand toys in the center, or you could have a small version of a beach umbrella for the center piece.  If you were feeling really brave, you could even find some kind of small plastic container to use as a miniature sand box.

Picnic Supper.
We served a picnic supper with everyone cooking their own hot-dogs in the fireplace, and sitting on the floor on beach towels or in beach chairs.

On the buffet table we had fish shaped confetti strewn around along with small plastic boats - you know the kind kids play in the bathtub or pool with.  There were enough boats for everyone to have one to take home.  There was also a plastic fish straw for everyone to use and then take home - they found them in a party store.

You could also use beach towels for tablecloths and clean new sand pails and shovels for serving dishes.  Make a floral centerpiece in a sand pail or large plastic boat for a center piece.

For room decorations we strung fish nets over the chairs and hung them on the wall, along with plastic and paper fish.  It was really cute.

Beach craft.
Fill small baby food jars about half full of dry white sand.  Add small shells and put on the cover securely.  The covers could be painted what ever color you choose.  Then when you slowly turn the jar, different shells peek out of the sand.  My sister made these for all the kids one year after she'd been to Florida and they loved them.  I've also seen them at craft shows, made in clear glass Christmas balls, and decorated with ribbons and lace - beautiful and expensive.

Beach cake.
For a special dessert you could bake a beach cake.  Bake a 13 X 9 inch cake (or larger) just like usual.  After it's cooled, scoop out a section of the cake and fill the hole with semi set blue jello and place in the fridge until the jello is set.  The one I saw done like this was decorated with green frosting and green tinted coconut so it looked like a fishing hole. For the beach, you could frost it with white frosting and sprinkle on brown sugar sand.  You could also add gummy fish to the semi set jello.  Add plastic palm trees or use the scooped out pieces of cake to build a volcano on one end of your cake.  Let your imagination go wild!

Contributed by:
Donna Haggerty

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