How We Represented Hawaii

We made hula skirts by cutting strips in trash bags They tied the bags around their waist. I made leis by sewing plastic bags cut into strips together.

For food, we had bananas and fruits. We also made poi (mashed taro root) using whipped cream sweeten with pineapple juice.

We also did some Hula Dancing - The girls will made up hand movements to this song:
Rainbow song (sung to Mary had a little lamb):
Rainbow over the waterfall, waterfall, waterfall,
Rainbow over the waterfall Rainbow over the tree,
Rainbow over the mountain, mountain, mountain,
Rainbow over the mountain, Rainbow over the sea.
Rainbow over the flowers, flowers, flowers,
Rainbow over the flowers, Rainbow over the bee.
Rainbow over the dancers, dancers, dancers
Rainbow over the dancers, Rainbow over me!

Contribution by:
Sue Morrison
Western Reserve Girl Scout Council

-- Courtesy of Chris Welch and The Girl Scout Resource Center

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