Our Hawaiian-themed "Island Adventure" Sleep over

We had a Hawaiian-themed "Island Adventure" tent sleep over for our joint Daisy and Brownie Troop. Below is a summary of what we did. It turned out so good!

We had some basic decorations and had tiki torches at night which added to the effect. We wore our hawaiian shirts too, which was nice. We also bought each of the girls a cheap pair of flip flops and they loved wearing them all night.

First we started off by making leis. With the help of a travel Hawaii book we learned the tradition behind leis. How we made them was very simple. You cut out construction paper flowers (any pattern) and punch a hole in the middle. Take straws (fat ones work better, the skinny ones fit through the punched holes!) and cut them into fourths. Then take a piece of yarn that is about as long as an arm (for the person making) and then take a straw, string it on, flower, straw, flower, straw, etc... For those children who have difficulty threading, a "needle" can easily be made out of a pipe cleaner. Instant leis!

Then we made volcanos. You could use play-doh in a baking dish or whatever. We used my horsehoe pits ( you could even do this at the beach!) and made huge piles of sand and made a hole in the middle. Then we had each girl go one by one and add a ½ cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar, instant volcano! You can adjust quantities up and down as needed. The great thing about the sand was that as it "erupted" the natural process of land building, etc. was being demonstrated. Which helped us as we read out of the book, again!

Then we ate a fresh coconut and fresh pineapple, it was really yummy!

Next we listened to real hula music. We had each girl try on a grass skirt, put a cute straw hat on and some leis and try hula dancing. I couldn't find any history on hula, but if I had that would have been good (no time to check in the book - we were running behind!).

After that we got ready for bed and sang songs around the propane lantern (couldn't have a campfire in my yard!).

The next morning we did swaps. We made tiny parrots and put them on with beads. If you wanted to make a dinner out of it you could have pork and pineapple kabobs or even hawaiian pizza.

Contributed by:
Laura Pageau
Troop Leader, San Diego, California

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