Making Lei from Hawaii

Cut circles (we used a fishing line spool for our pattern) from tissue paper.  Stack the paper and cut several circles out at one time - the circles don't need to be perfect.

Fold circles into quarters and cut off corners.  This makes your flower petals.

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     V                  V

To make your lei cut plastic drinking straws into short pieces (1-1 1/2 inches).

Thread straws alternately with tissue flowers onto fishing line or heavy thread (use large eyed tapestry or yarn needles) - one straw bead, 2 flowers.  Repeat until lei is desired length, tie ends together and place over head.  You can also make a shorter lei to wear around your head.

Contributed by:
Donna Haggerty

We used fun foam to cut out the flowers for the leis instead of construction paper - that really gave it added dimension - looked really neat - and each lei was different.

Contributed by:
Mary N.

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