More Swap Ideas for Hawaii

We devoted our summer day camp to Hawaiian Ways. Here are a few of the swaps:

Palm Tree Swap

Use a spring type clothespin. Paint it brown. Top with green fun foam palm tree leaves. (You can write the name of you event on the palm leaves). If you want, you can add small brown pom poms or fun foam coconuts.

Aloha Safety Pin Swap

A large safety pin can be strung with alpha beads to spell "aloha", or any other Hawaiian word. You can add beads, shells, or small silk flowers to the pin.

Pineapple Swap #1

Bend a small piece of yellow pipe cleaner into an oval shape. Top it with green felt leaves, and scent it with pineapple scent.

Pineapple Swap #2

Fold a 4" piece of green pipe cleaner in half. String 4 yellow or golden colored tri-beads on to the pipe cleaner to resemble a pineapple. Fold the remaining pipe cleaner on top to make leaves.

Teddy Graham Cookie Swap

Either spray paint or glaze a Teddy Graham cookie. Then paint on a hula skirt and top, and a flower behind the ear. Glue on a tie tack pin.

Hula Girl Swap

Use a flat wooden craft clothespin to make a hula girl. Draw a face on the round end, and add yarn for hair, etc. Draw a top and make a hula skirt out of green fringe or yarn.

Contributed by:
Lisa, USA.

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