Our Hawaiian Thinking Day Sleep over

Our Community recently had almost 45 kids and adults attend a Thinking Day Sleep over with an Hawaiian theme.

After they registered, the girls were given a lei and a flower made from crepe paper for their hair.

Crafts for the evening were:

We also had coconut bowling. Real coconuts were used to knock down the "pineapples" made by the Pathfinders. To make the "pineapples", the Pathfinders put a little water in plastic pop bottles, and placed them in decorated brown bags. They then made leaves to tape to the outside at the top. Once we had finished using the coconuts for bowling, we peeled them and used them for mug up. Our QM couldn't get over how easy the coconut was to peel!

(Editor's note: "Mug up" is a phrase used in Canada that refers to a hot drink and snack before bed.)

We also had a fish pond. We had had a variety of shell-themed jewelry donated to our unit (rings, necklaces, bracelets, head bands and clip-on earrings), so we cut fish shapes out of construction paper and stapled them together using the jewelry as decorations. I hear that some of the Sparks are still wearing their treasures to school a week later!!

Food for the sleep over consisted of:

among other things.

Everyone also brought in their Thinking Day Banks, and the top 6 girls were rewarded with a crest from Hawaii that we had traded for through the internet.

Contributed by:
Teresa Jansen
Guider, British Columbia, Canada.

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