Miss Universe Craft to represent Venezuela

The troop who represented Venezuela at our Service Unit Thinking Day celebration had learnt that there many Venezuelan women who have become Miss Universe. For their craft, they decorated small mirrors with "Thinking Day 2000", their troop number and country, and "Miss Universe". They also copied some information about beauty queens and Venezuela, and then put everything in small plastic bags.

This could be made into a swap by putting a safety pin through the corner of the plastic bag, but the mirror makes it a very heavy swap - probably too heavy for a swap hat.

This is the information that was enclosed:
"Venezuela is seen as the beauty queen factory of the world - over the last 20 years, Venezuelan women have won a total of 10 top international beauty contests, a record unmatched by any other country, and of the last 18 Miss Universes, four have been from Venezuela. Aspiring beauty queens attend schools such as the Miss Venezuela Academy, where they work out in the gym, answer pageant questions, practice catwalk modeling for a grueling 16 hours a day and sometimes undergo plastic surgery over a period of six months. The most successful beauty queen school in the world is the Miss Venezuela organization, which also attracts potential beauty queens from Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic. The average cost of training a beauty queen in Venezuela, where poverty affects 70-80% of the population, is $60,000, but the beauty contests are as popular with the public as important sporting events, with 90% of the Venezuela population - approximately 21 million people - tuning in. The shows themselves cost $7-8 million to produce."
At the bottom was a picture of a beauty queen.

Contributed by:
Cadette Troop 803, MiCasa Service Unit, Girl Scouts of Tres Condados, California

Instructions written out by:
Liz Watts
Cadette Leader, Girl Scouts of Tres Condados, California
Former Guider and County Hillwalking Adviser, UK
Member of The GuideZone team

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