World Flag Cootie

This game worked really well with my old Guide group in Pointe Claire, Quebec!  It is an adaptation of the "Cootie" game children play.  You must have one "kit" for each team.  Each "kit" includes: As you can see, I have separated the parts of the flag into 6 groupings, one for each side of the dice.

The teams must roll the dice, and then come up to the Guiders and get what the team needs.  For extra challenge, the girls would also have to tell the Guider the meaning of the part, to get the piece.  If they are wrong, they must go back to the team and find the answer before rolling again.

First team to correctly assemble the flag wins!

This type of game also works well to teach the girls how to do bedrolls, pitch a tent, or anything else your imagination can conjure up!

Contributed by:
Julie Davidson
3rd Vancouver Pathfinders
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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